Monday, August 15, 2011

Graphics, Custom Furniture, Plants, Cars & More benefitting No Longer Bound

When you think of nonprofit fundraisers, you most likely think of events.  What if there was an organization that made roughly 80% of their own support through various industries that they run for themselves?  If you can believe it, I have found an impressive 501(c)3 that does just that!  No Longer Bound is a faith based drug and alcohol program for men ages 18 and up.  They operate 5 different industries where 100% of the proceeds go directly into their program...but wait...there’s more!  They also use their own resources to support people in the community as well as other Non-Profits.

So what are their 5 industries and how can you support them?

Logo created by Dark2Light
Dark2Light - A graphics and printing studio that can do as much or as little as you like when it comes to your promotional needs. Pricing is a fraction of the industry standard cost, and the quality is outstanding.  Take a look at some of their sample work below or on facebook.

D2L can create invitations & Save the Dates

Cars4Recovery - This industry is the one you may already know.  A donor can give their car to the program and receive a tax deduction.  Most of the cars are sold with 100% of the proceeds going to NLB, but a select few are donated to people in need, like single mothers or men who have graduated from the program.

Community Closet - A thrift store where you can donate your items and get a tax deduction.  They sell some of the items through online markets, but most are placed in the store for others to buy.  Look for them in their new location on Dahlonega Hwy in Downtown Cumming opening October 2011.

NLB Greenhouses - Plants abound in 20,000 square feet of greenhouses.  You can place orders in advance or stop by and see what’s available as the seasons change.  Before you make your purchase somewhere else, you might want to check them out.

NLB Woodshop - Specializing in custom pieces, the woodshop will help you meet your design needs for retail or personal use.  Let them know what you want, and they can give you an estimate. 

NLB Conference Table created by the Woodshop

The great thing about each division is that it does even more than just provide much needed funding.  It is also part of the healing process, since each program participant works within the industries during their journey to recovery.

Take a look back at these industries and think about the things you need, so you can save money in a way that gives back to others.  You could also support them through their upcoming fundraiser, I AM, on October 13, 2011.  Ginny Owens will be performing during this evening of celebration, inspiration, emotion, and restoration.

For more info about No Longer Bound and their industries and fundraisers, please visit the following: