About Knowtable

The Social Scene is an extravagant place where you can get away from your every day and experience new places and things. You get to know and be known.  Couple that with "Doing Good in the World", and you have an ingenious way to make your life more fulfilling!  Who doesn't look at the world and think how they wished they could make some changes, yet feel overwhelmed about how and when to do it?  There are many non-profit organizations that are working toward achieving great things.  The problem is, they need a little more support and a little more recognition.   

A notable non-profit with a fabulous fundraiser can only be successful when people are in the "know".  Whether you are looking for a night out on the town, an activity for the whole family, or a sporting event to motivate you to get in some extra training, Knowtable will point you to the perfect event that will leave you feeling proud that you participated.

Why not do what you love to do, but support amazing organizations while you do it...be MORE than JUST a Socialite, attend Knowtable events!