Monday, October 31, 2011

Be Rich Campaign

Small Deposits = BIG change

Credit: North Point Community Church,

Do you ever feel like the money you give is just a drop in the bucket? 

Does it sometimes seem like your contributions are insignificant with such GREAT need?

Each dollar, each dime, each hour can and does make a difference.  Let me show you how you can see the difference that you are making. 

Would $1 million seem like a good start to something big?  What about 8,000 hours of community service?  Would accomplishing this great feat in just 7 weeks seem BIG enough?  In Atlanta, and throughout the world thanks to their online community, North Point Ministries is reaching high when it comes to giving  to those in need.  Sunday, October 30, 2011 was the launch of their annual Be Rich Campaign. In his message on Sunday, Andy Stanley discussed how most of us are rich, even if we don’t think so.  Some factors he uses to identify whether you are rich are things like having a change jar at home, having money in your wallet, or keeping extra money in your car’s “ashtray”.  To listen to his compelling words about participating in this great campaign, click here.  No one can say it quite like him.

The specific causes that NPM have zeroed in on are: Sickness, Poverty, Hunger & Children at Risk.  They are partnering with several organizations to donate money for medical equipment, basic needs, and, well, LOVE.  As he says in the link above, all of the money and volunteer hours that are raised from this campaign will go directly to the charities.  North Point Ministries will not be taking admin fees or any other “cut”.  100% will be sent to their partner charities.  To read more about this campaign, please visit their website at  Whether you attend one of North Point's campuses or not, this is a great opportunity for you to be a part of something SO much BIGGER than yourself.

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  1. Love the idea -- and the slogan -- of Be Rich, Do More, Give More. It's so easy to forget just how rich we are, isn't it?


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